Plant of the Month
Plant of the Month
Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia purpurea) is a resident of bogs.  The cup-shaped leaves catch rain water and are designed to trap small insects which are then 'digested' by the plant.  Pitcher Plants need constantly moist soil and an acidic


Perennials T-Z                                                                   
  • "100-Mile" means the plant grows within a 100 mile radius of the nursery
  • We are no longer propagating plants for sale.  This page is for reference only.
   Tellima grandiflora (Fringecups)   Western N.A.
 Description: H60cm; tall spikes of small greenish yellow flowers in late spring
Where to Use: Shade/Part Shade;  Woodland garden; Ground cover under shrubs/trees; Hardy to Zone 4

Thalictrum dioicum (Early Meadow Rue) 100 Mile

Description: H30-90cm, W50cm; green/yellow; early spring
Natural Habitat: Part sun/Shade; Woodland soils ? moist in spring
Where to Use: Woodland, Shade garden; Delicate foliage effect all season

Thermopsis villosa (Carolina Bush Pea)  EAST N.A.

Description: H90-150cm, W90cm; yellow racemes
Natural Habitat: Sun/Part sun; Clearings, Open woods, Meadows: Well-drained soils (slightly acidic)
Where to Use: Perennial border, Shrub groupings, Meadow; Develop large clumps in time

*Tradescantia ohioensis (Ohio Spiderwort, Bluejacket)     Eastern N.A.

Description:  60cm; Blue/mauve flowers in summer; long strap-like leaves
Where to Use:  Part sun; sandy soils; tolerates dry conditions when established; prairie, woodland edge

Trillium erectum (Red Trillium) 100 Mile 

Description: H50cm, W40cm; dark red; spring
Natural Habitat: Part shade/Shade; Cool, moist woodland soil (acidic)
Where to Use: Woodland, Shade garden  

Trillium grandiflorum (White Trillium) 100 Mile

Description: H50cm, W40cm; white; spring
Natural Habitat: Part shade/Shade; Deciduous woodland soils with good drainage
Where to Use: Woodland, Shade garden

*Verbena hastata (Blue Vervain) 100 Mile

Description: H60-120cm, W50cm; purple/violet spikes; late summer and fall
Natural Habitat: Full sun, average to poor soils, Moist meadows, Stream banks, Wetland edges
Where to Use: Meadows, Moist Prairie, Pond or water gardens, Naturalized area with some moisture; A bit coarse for formal perennial beds but excellent late summer colour contrast

*Verbena stricta (Hoary Vervain) 100 Mile

Description: H60cm; lavender spikes in summer and fall
Natural Habitat: Full sun, average to poor, dry soils, meadows, disturbed sites
Where to Use: Meadows, Prairie, Naturalized area with dry soils, Rock Garden; long period of bloom and attractive to butterflies

*Vernonia noveboracensis (New York Ironweed) EAST N.A.

Description: H120-180cm, W90-120cm; purple/red; late summerNatural Habitat: Sun; Moist meadows, Wetland edges, Floodplains
Where to Use: Moist Meadows and Prairies, Pond edge, Perennial border

*Veronicastrum virginicum (Culver's Root)     100 Mile

Description:  H180cm; White spikes in summer
Natural Habitat:  Sun; moist meadow and prairie
Where to use:  Meadows. Perennial beds, Mixed with native grasses


For an excellent article on identifying native Violets, check out the Fletcher Wildlife Garden website here.


Viola canadensis (Canada Violet)     100 Mile

Description: H20cm, W20cm;  White flowers with mauve reverse; Spring
Natural Habitat: Shade/Part shade;  Deciduous woods; Soils with high organic content
Where to Use:  Woodland/shade gardens;  Open shade under trees/shrubs;  Foliage dies back in summer

Viola conspersa (=V. labradorica) (Dog Violet)  100 Mile

Description: H15cm, W15cm; violet; spring
Natural Habitat:  Part shade/Shade; Mixed woods, woodland edges and clearings, average soils
Where to Use: Shade garden, Woodland garden; Spreads but not too aggressively

Viola pedata (Birdfoot Violet)     100 Mile (Eastern N.A.)

Description: H5cm, W5cm; Purple; Spring
Natural Habitat: Part Sun/Part shade;  Dry soils on slopes or open woods
Where to Use: Well drained soils; Rock garde; Dry open woodland

Viola pubescens (Yellow Violet) 100 Mile

Description: H15-30cm, W30cm; yellow; spring
Natural Habitat: Part sun/Shade; Woodland soils, Deciduous and mixed woods
Where to Use: Woodland, Shade garden

Waldsteinia fragarioides (Barren Strawberry) 100 Mile)

Description: H15cm, W30cm; yellow; spring
Natural Habitat: Sun/Shade; Woodland and woodland openings and clearings
Where to Use: Woodland, Shade garden, Rock garden, Perennial border edging, Groundcover; Good for areas of dry shade; Spreads by underground rhizome to form colonies

Zigadenus elegans (Elegant Camas) 100 Mile (not available 2017)

Description: H90cm, W30cm; white and green flowers; summer
Natural Habitat: Full/part sun, Rocky Meadows, Clearings
Where to Use: Meadow garden, Naturalizing, Perennial bed

*Zizia aurea (Golden Alexanders) 100 Mile

Description: H30-60cm, W40cm; yellow; late spring
Natural Habitat: Sun/Part sun; Moist meadows, Woodland edge, Open woods, Floodplains
Where to Use: Meadow, Prairie, Woodland edges, Perennial border; Attracts butterflies