Plant of the Month
Plant of the Month
Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia purpurea) is a resident of bogs.  The cup-shaped leaves catch rain water and are designed to trap small insects which are then 'digested' by the plant.  Pitcher Plants need constantly moist soil and an acidic



We can provide the following services to property owners interested in adding gardens, naturalizing a site, or incorporating native species into the landscape.

 PROPERTY CONSULTATION  - $75/basic consultation (residential property)

  • 1.5 hour visit to your site and a consultation
  • Written report including (as requested): List of existing native plant communities and any unusual/rare species; List of invasive species and resources for dealing with them; Recommended native plants to use around the property; Plant Lists and concept plans
  • Plant lists/plans/quotes for Conservation Authority grants
  • Recommendations for naturalizing projects
Locations that involve 100km or greater round trip can be arranged with travel expenses
For non-residential properties contact us for a quote

To arrange a consultation, email Peter at or call 613-968-4643

Local Partners and Services

Wild By Design (Ben O'Brien - Landscape Designer) -

Justin Dart and County Arborists - website

(Pruning, removal,consultations, etc.)

Canning Greenworks
(Chris Canning - Registered Landscape Architect )
Landscape Architecture, Sustainable Design, Urban Design
Edible Forest Farms (Inverary) - website
(Nut trees, Berry Bushes, Permaculture Design)