Prairie Smoke
Prairie Smoke
Prairie Smoke (Geum triflorum) is a spring blooming plant most often found in dry rock crevices or dry, rocky soils.  In our area it is found on alvars or limestone pavements.  The pinkish-red flowers are attractive but the grey-pink seed heads are
January 2, 2017



   Panicum virgatum   Juncus torreyi  

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 Andropogon gerardii

Andropogon gerardii (Big Bluestem) 100 Mile

Description: H90-130cm, W90-120cm; Grass ? dark green in summer turning tan/red/orange in autumn with silvery seed heads.

Natural Habitat: Full sun; well drained Prairie soils

Where to Use: Prairie, Perennial border, Mass grouping in clumps

 Bouteloua curtipendula  Bouteloua curtipendula (Sideoats Grama) 100 Mile

Description: H30-60cm, W30-60cm clumps; summer bloom in one-sided racemes

Natural Habitat: Sun; Well-drained Prairie

Where to Use: Prairie, Perennial border


Carex bebbii (Bebb's Sedge) 100 Mile

Description: H60 cm; small, round spikelet seeds heads from grassy clumps; spring - summer

   Carex crinita (Fringed Sedge)  100 Mile

Description: H90cm; drooping seed heads in summer; long grassy leaves

 Carex comosa  Carex comosa (Bristly Sedge)  100 Mile


Description: H40-80cm, W70cm; bright green leaves, large seed heads like a bottlebrush

Natural Habitat: Sun/Part shade; Wetland edges, Wide range of soils

Where to Use: Moist soils, Wetland edge, Erosion control; Attracts wildlife
   Carex graminea (Meadow Sedge)  100 Mile


Description: H40-80cm; wide grassy leaves

Natural Habitat: Sun; Meadow/Fields, Average to moist soils

Where to Use: Moist soils, Meadows, Naturalizing
 Carex grayi  Carex grayi (Gray's Sedge)  100 Mile


Description: H40-80cm, W70cm; bright green leaves, round spikey seed heads like a mace

Natural Habitat: Sun/Part shade; Wetland edges, Wide range of soils

Where to Use: Moist soils, Wetland edge, Erosion control; Attracts wildlife
 Carex gynadra  Carex gynandra (Nodding Sedge)  100 Mile

Description: H90-120cm, W90cm; stalks of green drooping seed heads in summer turning tan by autumn

Natural Habitat:   Part sun/Shade; Wetland edges, shorelines, ponds, streams

Where to Use:  Pond edge, Moist soils with shade, Border with constant moisture
 Carex lupulina  Carex lupulina (Hop Sedge)  100 Mile

Description: H60-90cm, W70cm; bright green leaves, upright, spikey seed heads

Natural Habitat: Sun/Part shade; Wetland edges, Wide range of moist soils

Where to Use: Moist soils, Wetland edge, Shaded moist areas, woods
 Carex lurida Carex lurida (Shallow Sedge)     100 Mile
Description:  H80cm; spiky seed heads; summer

Natural Habitat: Part sun; moist soils; lake shores; swamps

Where to Use: Pond gardens, waterfront naturalizing, moist soils
 Carex muskingumensis  Carex muskingumensis (Palm Sedge) 100 Mile

Description: H50-60cm, W70cm; bright green whorled leaves, small cone-like seed cluster

Natural Habitat: Sun/Shade; Stream edges, Flood plains

Where to Use: Moist soils as background or foliage contrast; Feathery leaves create a soft texture; Spreads moderately as a filler

 Carex vulpinoidea  Carex vulpinoidea (Fox Sedge)     100 Mile

Description: H60cm; greenish yellow spikes in summer and fall

Natural Habitat: Sun; moist meadows

Where to Use: Pond garden, naturalizing in moist areas, shorelines
 Chasmanthium latifolia

Chasmanthium latifolia (Northern Sea Oats) EAST N.A.

Description: H90-120cm, W80cm, grass with wide spikelets turning pink/tan in autumn
Natural Habitat: Sun/Light shade; River banks
Where to Use: Meadow, Perennial border; Seed heads provide interest from summer through winter; Excellent contrast with flowering perennials
   Elymus canadensis (Canada Wild Rye Wild Rye)     100 Mile -  not available 2018
    Elymus virginicus (Virginia Wild Rye)     100 Mile - not available 2018

Hierochloe odorata (Sweet Grass)     100 Mile

Description: H60cm; grass, seeds in early summer; fragrant leaves
Natural Habitat:  Sun; moist soils in meadows and Prairie
Where to Use:  Can spread aggressively by rhizomes so locate it in a naturalized area or grow in deep containers; leaves tend to flop in summer; harvest leaves in summer/fall; grow from division or seeds (low germination rate)
   Hystrix patula [=Elymus hystrix] (Bottlebrush Grass) 100 Mile

Description: H90-120cm, W40cm; grass with bristle seed heads maturing in summer

Natural Habitat: Part sun/Shade; Woodland edges, Clearings; Moist to average soils

Where to Use: Woodland, Shade garden; Background clumps for part shade Perennial bed

 Juncus effusus  Juncus effusus (Soft Rush)      100 Mile

Description: H100cm, W40cm; bright green tubular stems, flower structures part way up stems; summer

Natural Habitat:  Sun/Part Sun;  Water edges, constantly moist soils, Shallow water

Where to Use:  Wetland, Pond garden, Moist soils with some shade
Combinations:  Carex (Sedges), Iris versicolor (Blue Flag), Asclepias incarnata (Swamp Milkweed), Pontederia (Prickeral Weed)
 Juncus torreyi  Juncus torreyi (Torrey's Rush)     100 Mile

Description: H60cm, spreading clumps; brown seed heads; summer/fall

Natural Habitat: Sun; Moist meadows, ditches, Shoreline

Where to Use:  Moist meadows, naturalizing shorelines, Pond edge (in containers - it can spread aggressively)
Combinations: Carex (Sedges), Iris versicolor (Blue Flag), Asclepias incarnata (Swamp Milkweed), Eupatorium, Rushes (Scirpus spp.)
   Panicum virgatum (Switchgrass) 100 Mile

Description: H90-120cm, W60-90cm; Blue-green grass with open panicles in summer

Natural Habitat: Dry prairies, Meadows

Where to Use: Prairie, Meadow, Perennial border; Grows in clumps; Often has good summer/fall colour and attractive seed heads in winter; May self sow with less aggressive plantings

 Schizachyrium scoparium

Schizachyrium scoparium (Little Bluestem) 100 Mile

Description: H30-90cm, W30-50cm; upright grass with silvery seed heads

Natural Habitat: Sun; Prairie, Meadow, Fields; Variety of soils

Where to Use: Prairie, Meadow, Perennial border, Naturalized areas, Bank stabilization; Good fall colour and winter interest

 Schoenoplectus acutus

Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani (Softstem Bulrush)     100 Mile     

Description: H2m; tall, stiff, dark green stems;  drooping spikelets of cinnamon brown; summer

Natural Habitat:  Sun;  Marshes and shorelines; Forms colonies by underground rhizomes

Where to Use:   Naturalized shorelines, Ponds

   Scirpus atrovirens (Green Bulrush)    100 Mile
 Scirpus cyperinus  Scirpus cyperinus  (Wool Rush)   100 Mile

Description:  H120cm, W60cm; Grass-like stalks and leaves with a loose nodding head of fuzzy cinnamon seeds

Natural Habitat:  Sun/Part Sun; Wet to moist Meadows and Wetland edges

Where to Use:   Pond edges, Moist Meadows or naturalized areas; Erosion control - seed heads remain ornamental into the winter
   Scirpus pendulus (Rufous Bulrush)     100 Mile

Description: H80cm; drooping spikelets of cinnamon brown above grassy foliage; summer

Natural Habitat:  Sun;  Moist meadows, Ditches, Stream banks, Wetlands

Where to Use:   Moist meadows, Naturalized shorelines, Pond edges
   Sorghastrum nutans (Indiangrass) 100 Mile

Description: H90-150cm, W70cm; grass maturing in late summer

Natural Habitat: Sun/Part sun; Tallgrass Prairie, Meadows, Woodland clearings

Where to Use: Prairie, Meadow, Perennial border (specimen clumps