Prairie Smoke
Prairie Smoke
Prairie Smoke (Geum triflorum) is a spring blooming plant most often found in dry rock crevices or dry, rocky soils.  In our area it is found on alvars or limestone pavements.  The pinkish-red flowers are attractive but the grey-pink seed heads are
January 2, 2017



  • Some species are available only in certain seasons or in small quantities
  • "100-Mile" means the plant grows within a 100 mile radius of the nursery.
  • We do not ship live plants.  Contact us to reserve plants or obtain a quote.

Adiantum pedatum (Maidenhair Fern) 100 Mile (not available 2018)

Description: H30-60cm, W60cm; medium green, lacy foliage
Natural Habitat: Part/full shade in a protected spot, Cool, moist woods
Where to Use: Woodland soils, evenly moist; Good background for low flowering plants

Asplenium platyneuron (Ebony Spleenwort)  100 Mile

Description: H30cm, clumps; vertical frondsl
Natural Habitat: Part shade/shade; rocky, open woods
Where to Use: Woodland, shade gardens; tolerates some summer drought; spreads slowly

Athyrium filix-femina (Lady Fern) 100 Mile 

Description: H60cm, clumps; lacy foliage spring-fall
Natural Habitat: Part shade/shade; well drained soils, moist woods
Where to Use: Woodland, shade gardens; tolerates some summer drought; foliage looks best when protected from winds

Cystopteris bulbifera (Bulblet Fern)     100 Mile 

Description: Fern to 40cm; bright green fronds; bulblets underneath fronds drop and form new plants
Natural Habitat: Shade; moist soils 
Where to use:  Woodland/shade gardens

Dryopteris marginalis (Marginal Wood Fern) 100 Mile

Description: H60cm, W60cm; clumping fern somewhat evergreen
Natural Habitat: Shade/Part shade; Rocky woodland soils
Where to Use: Woodland, Shade garden, Rock garden (shaded); Withstands some drought when established

Gymnocarpium dryopteris (Oak-leaf Fern) 100 Mile

Description: H10cm, W20cm; light green fern spreading by rhizome
Natural Habitat: Shade; Cool, moist woodland soils
Where to Use: Woodland, Shade garden with regular moisture, Shaded rock garden

Osmunda regalis (Royal Fern) 100 Mile

Description: H100cm, W90cm; spreads by rhizomes
Natural Habitat: Part shade/Shade;moist to wet soils
Where to Use: Wetland edge, swamps, moist woods 
 Phegopteris connectilis (Long Beech Fern)     100 Mile

Description: H40cm; fern forming patches in spring/summer
Where to Use:  Shade; Moist woods with organic soils

Polypodium virginianum (Rock Polypody) 100 Mile

Description: H20cm, W20-30cm; small colony-forming fern
Natural Habitat: Part shade/Shade; Mossy rocks and outcrop crevices in thin, acidic soil
Where to Use: Woodland rock gardens, Mossy boulders, Shaded rock walls; Slow growing but hardy

Polystichum acrostichoides (Christmas Fern) 100 Mile (not available Spring 2018)

Description: H40cm, W60cm; clump-forming fern; semi-evergreen
Natural Habitat: Part shade/Shade; woodland slopes
Where to Use: Woodland or shade gardens 

Woodsia ilvensis (Rusty Woodsia)  100 Mile

Description: H15-20cm, clumps; lacy foliage spring-fall
Natural Habitat: Part shade/part sun; well drained soils, granitic rock crevices
Where to Use: Partly shaded rock garden