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December 22, 2010

In the weed field we have had small flocks of Common Redpoll.  The Red-tailed Hawk  was checking out the feeder today along with a Sharp-shinned Hawk.

Common RedpollRed-tailed Hawk

December 14, 2010

Snow and freezing temperatures have arrived.  Red-tailed Hawks are hunting in the fields and we had a fly by from a Merlin and Northern Harrier and Sharp-shinned Hawk.  The corn fields behind the nursery are filled with Canada Geese and at the feeder the regular visitors are Juncos, American Goldfinches, Tree Sparrows, Chickadees  and Mourning Doves.

American GoldfinchAm Tree SparrowCanada GeeseMourning Dove
October 16, 2010
Migration continues with White-crowned and Song Sparrows in the weeds behind the house.  A few Juncos have also appeared.  Brief visits from Palm and Myrtle Warblers.  In the pine trees are flocks of Golden-crowned Kinglets with the occasional Ruby-crowned Kinglet.  A Northern Harrier appeared yesterday.  The return of the weasel this week had most of the sparrows quite alarmed.

Golden-crowned KingletSlate-backed JuncoWhite-crowned Sparrow

September 19, 2010

After a few quiet weeks, migrants are starting to move through.  Small groups of Blue Jays stop to eat acorns in the laneway, American Pipits are flying over, and in the weeds at the back mixed flocks of Song Sparrows, Swamp Sparrows, Lincoln Sparrows,  Goldfinches, House Wrens, Nashville Warbler and Common Yellowthroats are feeding.

Common Yellowthroat

August 3, 2010

Fewer birds are singing these days, but an Indigo Bunting has been in the tree tops singing off and on most of the days.  We had one visit at this time last year as well.
The young Killdeer are around in groups sometimes of 12 at a time.  They noisily patrol the laneway day and night.

July 9. 2010

This evening at dusk we heard a Common Nighthawk calling as it flew around the farm.  We have heard it a few times in June as well.  The image below is from Southern Saskatchewan where the Nighthawks were roosting during the day on old fence rails.
A whole herd of Killdeers has been running up and down the new gravel pad at the farm next door.  They remain vocal well after dark.
The Kestrels are still around bringing alarm wherever they go to the birds with young families.
Baltimore Orioles are moving through in family groups.

Common Nighthawk

June 23, 2010

We have had regular rain recently and that means water in the (under construction) pond and puddles in the lane.  Bathing is popular with the resident birds, from the cautious Killdeer to the enthusiastic Robin.

American RobinKilldeer

June 9/2010

Despite our best efforts and advice, Robins insisted in nesting in the sales kiosk.  The nest of young is almost ready to emerge.

June 2/2010
Constant comment - The birds we hear singing most of the day at present are Baltimore Oriole, Warbling Vireo and House Wren.  The neighbour has some large poplar trees that are popular singing perches.  Meadowlarks and Bobolinks are regularly heard in the fields to the west.
Fly by - A Great Blue Heron and an American Bittern passed overhead today. 

May 2010

A pair of Upland Sandpipers has been around most of the month.  They sometimes perch in the boulders in the rock garden or forage in the newly cut lawns.  We often hear their bubbling and whistling across the fields behind us.
  Upland Sandpiper
May 28/2010
An Eastern Bluebird stopped briefly on the sales kiosk this afternoon.  The resident Starlings often imitate them and I'm often fooled, but it was the real thing today.

May 27/2010

The resident pair of Kestrels spent all afternoon trying to get into a Starling nest under the eaves - lots of alarm among all the nesting birds on the property (Robins, Song Sparrows, Killdeers, etc.)  Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are showing up regularly at the feeder.

American Kestrel

May 22/2010

Migrating warblers appear from time to time.  Today a Blackpoll Warbler and a Magnolia Warbler were active in the trees beside the nursery.
Blackpoll Warbler